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Interview: Kyle Gass Discusses His Role In APARTMENT 212



We recently had the opportunity of snagging a few minutes with Kyle Gass, actor, comedian, and most notably the guitarist and vocalist with the band Tenacious D (alongside Jack Black). His most recent role led him into the infested confines of Haylar Garcia’s Apartment 212, and he was more than generous enough to give us a delve into the film, as well as what he looks for in a film and potential roles – read on and enjoy!

DC: Can you tell us about the film’s premise as well as give us a look at the character you play?

KG: Apartment 212 is about a woman who’s starting fresh – she’s a survivor of domestic abuse, and when she decides to start a new life, I come to her aid (laughs) – I become her friend and kind of guide her through her adventure.

DC: You looked like you were really at ease with your character – do you feel more laid back in front of the camera, or are you more relaxed when you’re on-stage with the band?

KG: (Laughs) – Well – part of being an actor is giving the impression that you’re comfortable, and you try to keep your breathing in check, but everything has its challenges. I enjoy both, but acting is definitely more of a challenge with all the people on-set, and you’ve got all the cameras pointed at you, and you’ve got to remember all of your lines – fun, definitely but a challenge also.

DC: Were these types of horror films something that you liked when you were growing up? You know, the creature stuff?

KG: No – not really! (laughs) I preferred a different genre – like the drama, and family films with those kinds of dynamics – the more down to earth realm. But if I think everything is done right, and all the elements are in place, you’re going to have a good movie. I think that sometimes the horror genre and it’s films can be a bit exploitative and too gory for me anyways. I really like the films that rely on the psychological elements.

DC: So who does Kyle Gass look to in film for inspiration?

KG: For me, it’s anyone that can making something good – it’s a director’s medium, so I like Noah Bombeck and Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino – people that are doing stuff that’s out there.

DC: So what could you see as your dream role?

KG: I think I kind of tend to play me really well – under the given circumstances. I don’t think I could play King Lear or anything like that, so I should really just try to stay close to home, but I enjoy performing in comedies as well, because I think that’s really more of where my heart is.

DC: After the release of Apartment 212, what will you be working on next?

KG: Well, Tenacious D has an animated series that we’re working on, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring that out later on this year, followed by a new record, some shows – you know, business as usual!



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