#Screamers’ Tom Malloy Undergoes Trauma Therapy

Tom Malloy

A new project is on its way featuring the writer and star of the Dread Central Presents title #Screamers, Tom Malloy, entitled Trauma Therapy; and we have all your details right here for you… pull up a chair and join our circle. We’ll talk first…

Newcomer Tyler Graham Pavey will be directing from a script by David Josh Lawrence and Malloy. The flick, currently filming in Idyllwild, California, also stars Brian Krause (Sleepwalkers, “Charmed”), Chase Coleman (“The Originals”), Stephanie Cleough (“Altered Carbon”), Luciana Faulhaber (“Shades of Blue”), Vince Lozano (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), David Josh Lawrence (Hero of the Underworld), Emily Humble (Adam Goes Outside), and Becca Buckalew (“The Castro Vegas Show”).

Malloy produces with Van White. Bryan Glass, Michelle Alexandria, Rob Deege, Rey Rodis and Richard Purves are the executive producers. The film will be released by Glass House Distribution, a rising sales/distribution company co-owned by Bryan Glass and Malloy.

Stay tuned for more on this one as it comes.

At a remote wooded retreat, a group of lost souls meet famous guru Tobin Vance (Malloy). As the guests get pushed further and further by Vance’s extreme program, which includes lie detectors, firearms, and experimental drugs, they begin to question the methods and fear for their lives. The group consists of Matt (Chase Coleman), Danni (Luciana Faulhaber), John (David Josh Lawrence), and Beth (newcomer Emily Humble). Aiding Tobin is his behind-the-scenes right-hand man Victor (Vince Lozano), as well as Arthur (Brian Krause) and Michelle (Stephanie Cleough).

screamers - #Screamers' Tom Malloy Undergoes Trauma Therapy


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