Dracula 3000 Director Darrell Roodt Sings The Lullaby on VOD

The South African horror film The Lullaby, which was originally known as Siembamba, has now made its way onto VOD in the US thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment.

Directed by Dracula 3000’s Darrell Roodt, The Lullaby taps into the fears and uncertainties of parenthood, something those of you planning to have kids will experience for yourselves one day. In the film, a young woman named Chloe gives birth to her first child, but rather than being filled with joy at the arrival of her new family member, she instead becomes so overprotective of her baby that she even begins to believe that a strange and possibly supernatural entity is surrounding her child.

The film stars Reine Swart, Brandon Auret, Thandi Puren, Shayla-Rae McFarlane, and Deànré Reiners.  It originally premiered at the South African Horrorfest before its general release in the country.

Aside from the aforementioned space vampire movie, Roodt has also directed films from all sorts of genres, including the comedy Father Hood with Patrick Swayze and Halle Berry, Sarafina! with Whoopi Goldberg, the killer lion flick Prey, and the Oscar-nominated drama Yesterday. If you’d like to get a taste of his latest entry into our genre, you can purchase The Lullaby from Amazon or iTunes.



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