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Dark Sky Films Castrates Victor Crowley on VOD – BUYER BEWARE!



The Hatchet series in general has always been known for its balls-out over-the-top kills. Well, at least in the case of the fourth film in the franchise, Victor Crowley (review), things got a little too “balls-out” for Dark Sky Films.

While we have heard reports that some people are seeing the full film as shown in theaters, we’re saddened to relay the information that if you’re one of the many who have purchased the film on Digital or VOD, you probably have NOT seen Victor Crowley in its entirety. Despite the film being labeled NR (not rated) on various VOD and Digital platforms, one of the most outrageous moments of the film has been reframed as a means to hide a scene containing male nudity. This is absolutely bewildering to us as said moment is not sexual in any way, shape, or form. The moment actually comes as a statement about the gratuitous female nudity trope in slasher movies. Sadly, every time I have watched the film, said moment of male nudity has garnered HUGE LAUGHS. Far bigger than… shall we say… what was on display. Just moments before “the unveiling,” there’s a scene featuring a character’s breasts on full display, which also appears to have been cut.

Even worse, there’s no mention anywhere of there being two cuts of the film, and consumers of the VOD version are feeling kinda duped as they’re not seeing the complete movie as the director intended. The only way to see Victor Crowley truly… uncircumcised?… is by buying a physical copy from a retailer.

We’ll reach out to Dark Sky Films for comment. Stay tuned, but for now… yeah… buyer beware!

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