Interview: Gina Carano Walks Us Along The Scorched Earth

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gina carano 18th annual critics choice movie awards 01 233x300 - Interview: Gina Carano Walks Us Along The Scorched EarthThe fists and feet are quite recognizable, especially to her in-ring and cinematic opponents, and as time rolls on, the name of Gina Carano (should) hopefully become more of a commodity – anyone that’s watched her knows that she can handle herself in a defensive status. She’s already held her own in some box-office heavyweight films (Fast and Furious 6, Deadpool), and her latest starring role has her whooping ass in the apocalypse in Scorched Earth. She was kind enough to chat with us for a few minutes to discuss the role, as well as what she has in store for her future plans – grab a cold one, read on and enjoy!

DC: Gina, can you tell us about the film as well as the character you play, Gage?

GC: Atticus Gage was originally written as a male character, and she is an apocalyptic bounty hunter – she just tries to get the job done and really only looks out for herself. She finds herself in a situation where she’s a bit torn between doing what she normally does on a regular basis, and helping out someone who is in a bit of a tight situation. When she decides to step in and help out, things go bad. What was the highlight of the film for me was working with John Hannah, and in one scene, he had to give me mouth-to-mouth, and I had to throw up this goo into his mouth – it was hilarious. It really was a tremendous honor to have worked with him on the same set – it was awesome.

DC: You’re definitely no stranger to physical roles – when it comes to these particular scenes of beatdowns, do you just tell the director “let me do my thing” or are you more likely to be a bit restrained?

GC: No – on some sets I’ll be the first one to say “yo – the cinematographer is in the wrong position for this shot!” (laughs) It’s a very interesting thing, because usually for bigger movies like Deadpool and Fast and Furious 6, you’ve got cinematographers that know how to shoot action sequences, and sometimes with independent cinema, there are some people who don’t exactly know how to shoot these kinds of scenes – it is an art form, for sure. With all of the shots and angles, you’ve got to make sure that these shots are selling, and you want the stunt coordinator that you’re working with to be vocal enough so that they’re being heard. I’m definitely not shy when it comes to that, because that’s the part that I’m most confident with.

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DC: You’ve acted alongside some pretty huge names in your career already, but who is the one person you’d love to have alongside you on film, and what kind of role would you be playing?

GC: A dream role for me would be something like Natural Born Killers, and I’d love to work with Garrett Hedlund – that would be a dream (laughs) – I mean if we’re talking about dreams here! To play a character that is just out of control and has no rules, and I always thought that I’d do really well with a partner, whether it’s a male or female or a child. I’d just think that I’d do really good with someone else there – like a buddy-role.

DC: Here’s a question that I’m sure you’ve never been asked before (sarcasm) – I know you’re loving what you’re currently doing, but is the cage calling you back for a possible return to MMA?

GC: I never like to put a cap on something, or to say I would or wouldn’t ever do something again. I’m like a new person all the time – I think that sometimes when people get older, their minds get older as well and the body follows, and right now I’m trying to tell my body that “we haven’t reached any prime yet.” I haven’t reached my prime in anything that I’ve done yet, and that’s for damn sure in acting – I’ve got so far to go, and while I reached a good place in fighting, I didn’t reach my prime physically, and I want to keep all of the prime in front of me.

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DC: Last question, Gina – so what will be keeping you busy in the future after the release of Scorched Earth?

GC: We actually finished up on Scorched Earth about two years ago, and after that I kind of wanted to take a break – it was weighing me down a bit as far as the same scripts that were coming across my desk, and I really want to do something that is artistic and something that I’m really very proud of. I envision doing something that I can put out there to the world and when I do an interview about it I can tell everyone to get out there and see it because I’m so proud of it. It takes a lot of development and creativity and soul-searching and being humbled. Working on my craft and my acting and my body – that’s everything that I’m doing now, and I think that the next thing I sign onto is going to be something that I’m really excited about. I’m very glad where I’m at, because this is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

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