The Incantation – First Look Poster and Trailer

incantation s 750x422 - The Incantation - First Look Poster and Trailer

Know what’s missing in today’s horror films? Simple set-ups like visiting a spooky old castle and discovering its darkest secrets. How I pine for those days of mystery and shadow. The good news is that the upcoming flick The Incantation knows exactly what I’m talking about and what we’ve been missing!

Shot entirely on location in France, the film serves as the official directorial debut of Jude S. Walko alongside producer Dan Campbell.

Written and directed by Walco, The Incantation stars Sam Valentine, Dean Cain, Dylan Kellogg, Beatrice Orro, Margie Clark, and Caroline Gatouillat.

In this picturesque paranormal thriller, a young American girl has the chance of a lifetime to visit her ancestors’ ominous castle in the south of France. However, things are not as they seem as she finds that her family is hiding deep, dark secrets about their nefarious past, far away from prying eyes.

incantation - The Incantation - First Look Poster and Trailer



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