The Punisher Meets Clint Eastwood In TV Pilot Rusty Revolver

Described as the Punisher meets Clint Eastwood, the new vigilante TV pilot “Rusty Revolver” screened at the Anti-Hero Film Fest last week. In an origin story worthy of Batman, the titular protagonist known as Rusty grows up to be a crime-fighting vigilante after his parents were murdered by criminals when he was a child.

“Rusty Revolver” stars Anton Troy as Rusty, alongside Vernon Wells as the villainous Deacon, with the supporting cast including Lindsay Rathert, Anthony De Longis, Vic Stagliano, Amber Whittington, and Paul Duke. The show was written by Alejo Ramirez and created by Anton Troy and Paul Morrell, with the latter also directing.

The pilot has also been screened at the Albuquerque New Mexico Comic Con and the 2017 Seven Hills Film Festival, and although it may be some time before we see the full series, a comic book spin-off written by Alejandro Ramirez and illustrated by J.T. Dockery is available on ComiXology.