Bryan Fuller Joins Anne & Christopher Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles Adaptation for TV!

Now this? This is without a doubt the best news of the new year so far!  “Hannibal” and “American Gods” exec producer/writer Bryan Fuller has joined the team that is hard at work on adapting Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series for TV.

The official announcement came via Anne’s son, Christopher, on The Vampire Chronicles Facebook page. You can read it in its entirety below, but here’s the abbreviated version:

It’s our great pleasure to officially announce that Bryan [Fuller] has become a member of the creative family working to bring the story of the vampire Lestat to television. For a year now, my mother and I have had the joy of working with creative partners at Paramount Television and Anonymous Content who share our vision for a prestigious, long-form, high quality and high production value television series focusing on the journey of the immortal Lestat as he travels the lengths of the vampire world detailed in The Vampire Chronicles. Almost instantly after we sold the rights last April, we knew we were working with some of the finest producers television had to offer. And those producers knew that Bryan would be a perfect addition to our creative team.

As a reminder, in the spring of 2017 Paramount Television and Anonymous Content optioned the rights to 11 books from acclaimed author Anne Rice’s bestselling series The Vampire Chronicles. Christopher Rice, four-time New York Times Bestselling® author and recipient of the Lambda Literary Award, will pen the series and serve as executive producer alongside Ms. Rice and Anonymous Content’s David Kanter and Steve Golin.

Expect lots more soon now that Fuller has joined the team!  Congrats to everyone involved!

Written by Debi Moore

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