Hammer Stars Reunite for House of the Gorgon

Although it starred Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Terence Fisher’s 1964 Hammer film The Gorgon never went on to achieve quite the same level of fame and recognition as many of the other films produced by the studio. However, it had such a strong impact on filmmaker Joshua Kennedy that he’s currently raising cash on Indiegogo to finance an homage film called House of the Gorgon.

Known for her roles in films such as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, At the Earth’s Core, and the Hammer film Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter, Caroline Munro will headline the film in the lead role of Baroness Bartov. The supporting cast also including a number of well-known Hammer stars including Christopher Neame, Veronica Carlson, and Martine Beswick.

Artist Graham Humphreys created the following poster for House of the Gorgon, which looks just like it could have been produced during the Hammer era. Once the funding is in place, the plan is to shoot the film in Texas later this year.

Filmed in the vein of the classic Hammer and Universal films of yesteryear…

The year is 1896, and the lovely Isobel Banning travels with her mother, Anna, to the village of Carlstadt to marry her university sweetheart, Dr. Julian Pritchard. Along their journey they meet the mysterious Father Llewellyn, the local priest, who refuses to explain why the villagers appear to be in a state of mortal fear… as if the town is hiding a terrible secret.

Frightened and confused, Isobel and Anna readily accept an invitation from Dr. Pritchard to stay with him and his aunt, the Baroness Bartov, in their large chateau overlooking the town… unaware of the ancient horror that lies within.

house of the gorgon 1 - Hammer Stars Reunite for House of the Gorgon

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