Bayonetta 3 Officially Announced

By David Gelmini

One of the biggest video game announcements of the year has just come our way, as Bayonetta 3 was officially unveiled at Gaming Awards ceremony. The Switch exclusive will be published by Nintendo and developed by series regulars PlatinumGames, although aside from the brief announcement trailer, we don’t know much else at this point.

As if that wasn’t enough, but it was also announced that the first two entries in the Bayonetta franchise, which are two of the most highly acclaimed action games of all time, will also be heading to the Switch on February 16. This will likely make them the first M-rated Switch games to be published by Nintendo instead of by a third-party. Check out the trailer for the Switch version of Bayonetta 2 below.

bayonetta 3 1 - Bayonetta 3 Officially Announced