Help The Movie Crypt to Save The Yorkies AGAIN!

Last year Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Arwen, and many others did something incredibly cool by holding a weekend-long event as a means to Save the Yorkies! You know, those cute little four-legged things which look like Chewbacca was shrunk down to fun-size! This December they’re doing it again.

Over the weekend of December 8th, Joe, Arwen, and I will be doing our 2nd annual 48-hour LIVE Movie Crypt charity marathon to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE,” says Green. “We’re staying awake so that they don’t get put to sleep. Many of you joined us for last year’s event when we raised about $14,000 for the dog rescue. Not only was it the most amount of money that the rescue had ever received from a single fundraiser, but the broadcast also broke the world record for the longest ever live podcast.”

Arwen - Help The Movie Crypt to Save The Yorkies AGAIN!

Green continues, “If you’re unfamiliar with the 48-hour benefit event… Joe, Arwen, and I stay on the air live from Friday at 5pm until Sunday at 5pm, going around the clock with an array of special guests joining us non-stop. Featuring extensive artist interviews, musical performances, improv/stand-up comedy, script readings (last year’s live reading of a never before seen early draft of THE GOONIES was a huge highlight), movie commentaries, clairvoyant/tarot card readings, and more… ANYTHING goes! It is an incredibly fun event to take part in, and best of all – it is all to help save dogs! SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE is a non-profit rescue that uses all of the money donated to help foster, shelter, and provide direly needed medical attention to rescued/abused Yorkies nationwide. We know there are countless other charities out there doing amazing work for animals and people, but since our show’s mascot Arwen is a Yorkie and since SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE is a smaller, independent rescue mission that is fully reliant on donations alone to operate – this is the charity that we benefit with this event each year.”

And boy do they need help! Some of the stories are absolutely horrific – so I’ll spare you the massive list of upsetting examples. However, one positive story that I’d like to share from last year’s marathon (because it has a happy ending) is the story of “Phantom.” A 6-month-old Yorkshire terrier, “Phantom” was rescued from her abusive owner after he held her face against a burning a stove in an effort to stop her from barking at the front door. “Phantom” was in desperate need of immediate surgery to save her nasal cavity and vision. Using funds from last year’s marathon, SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE was able to get “Phantom” into surgery the very next morning after the marathon. Today “Phantom” is living a wonderful life with her new, forever family. She can SEE, BREATHE, and TASTE; and most importantly, she’ll never again know fear, pain, or suffering. I wish I could say that “Phantom” is the most severe example of abuse that the rescue deals with, but sadly she is not. Again, I’ll spare you the many other horrifying examples set to Sarah McLachlan songs and instead just focus on the fact that together we are able to make a huge difference and provide a second chance for these wonderful animals. As dog rescuers and gigantic animal lovers ourselves, Joe and I hope with all of our hearts that you will consider joining us and taking part in this year’s event!

The special 3-day live broadcast will be available to listen to directly on Listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions and post comments for Green, Lynch, and their guests through their Twitter accounts (@Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt) as well as watch and take part in live Periscope broadcasts on Green’s Periscope channel (@Adam_Fn_Green) throughout the weekend. “The Movie Crypt’s” dedicated link to donate directly to “Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” will be posted and given out consistently throughout the 3-day broadcast.

cult of arwen - Help The Movie Crypt to Save The Yorkies AGAIN!

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