Duke in a Box Fake Trailer Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See This Halloween

If you’re in need of a good laugh this Halloween, check out the very NSFW fake trailer for Duke in a Box, which has just been released online.

The three-minute video was directed by Derrick Williams and was produced and edited by Victoria Simone, who played Princess Kitana in the award-winning fan film Mortal Kombat Fates Beginning. Simone also stars alongside Denise Reed, Greg Davis, Jr., Brandon Elia, Al James, Nicholas Feitel, and Chris Lazzaro. The full cast and crew are listed in the official synopsis below.

You can watch the fake trailer for Duke in a Box below, but prepare to laugh like crazy. Just make sure you don’t watch it at work because there’s bad language, and severed penises abound!

Duke in a Box Official Synopsis:
A bunch of young college students are partying in a dead porn star’s house for a weekend getaway. They all get kidnapped by a creepy neighbor in the hopes of performing a demonic ritual to summon the dead porn star back to life… but wait… there’s a penis!

Greg Davis, Jr. @klarity
Denise Reed @helloitsdnice
Victoria Simone @itsladykitana
Brandon Elia @youngmasterbrandon
Al James @aljamesactors5
Nicholas Feitel @feitelogram
Chris Lazzaro @chris_lazzaro

Original Screenplay by Allon J. Morali
Directed by Derrick Williams
Assistant Director Joana “Priss” Medina
Director of Photography Tony Yoon
Executive Producer Whiteboard Productions
Produced by Victoria Simone and Denise Reed
Production Assistant (set driver) Alex Mazen
Production Assistant #2 (set driver) Luke Masella
Sound OP by Kate Payne
Makeup by Jazmin Black
Gaffer/Assistant Camera Ola Olabi
Craft Services by Chichi Marie Obi
Set Photographer Christopher Barcia
Edited by Victoria Simone and Oliver Ojeil
Colorist/VFX Artist Oliver Ojeil
Original Soundtrack by Dokitsu Art Studios
Created by Victoria Simone and Jay Mcfly
Special Thanks to Focus Tv and Dread Central!

duke in a box 1 - Duke in a Box Fake Trailer Is the Funniest Thing You'll See This Halloween

Written by David Gelmini


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