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The 2011 Fantasia Film Festival is in full swing up in Montreal, Canada, and of course Trembles is on the scene. One of the fest’s devilish delights, Trent Haaga’s feature-length directorial debut Chop, is the subject of this week’s Motion Picture Purgatory. Read on for the full review!

Synopsis: Lance (Will Keenan) has seen better days. His half-brother’s car has died, leaving Lance stranded in the middle of nowhere. After numerous tries, he finally manages to flag down a ride. The driver seems sympathetic enough, initially, if a bit odd. Conversation stalls after the formalities, until the driver hits Lance with the question, “Whose life would you save, your wife or your half-brother?” After a momentary pause, Lance decides to play the game without too much further thought and chooses, obviously, his wife. Next thing he knows, he’s on the receiving end of a tranquilizer-dart gun. Lance awakes to find an axe, his half-brother bound to a chair and a threat to his wife — Lance must do the unthinkable, or she loses her life. Nothing could be worse than these circumstances, right? No, it’s just the beginning of Lance’s nightmare with this complete stranger with mysterious, but hardly noble, intentions. As the film’s title suggests, not everyone is going to make it through in one piece.

Torture Corn!

mpp chop - Motion Picture Purgatory: Chop

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Written by Debi Moore

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