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Exclusive: Friday the 13th Goes Found Footage in Fan Film Never Hike Alone



About an hour after this post goes up, the fan film Never Hike Alone is having its world premiere at the 8th annual Telluride Horror Show in Telluride, CO. Using found footage elements, the movie follows an adventure blogger who stumbles across Camp Crystal Lake and runs into Jason Voorhees, the Friday the 13th fan film raised nearly $19,000 on Kickstarter and has been one of the most anticipated releases of the Halloween season by everyone who’s seen the trailer!

Director Vincente DiSanti talks about the film’s premiere, saying, “It is incredibly humbling to be a part of a festival that is built for passionate horror fans. We are looking forward to the opportunity to share the film with a live audience and hopefully send them home with a Friday the 13th experience they won’t soon forget.

As you can probably guess, we’ve teamed up with Womp Stomp Films to exclusively premiere the 55-minute fan film for those of you who were unable to make it to Telluride Horror Show. Simply head on below and check out this incredible love letter to the Friday the 13th franchise!

You can follow Womp Stomp Films on their official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Never Hike Alone follows an adventure blogger, Kyle McLeod (Andrew Leighty), who uncovers the long lost remains of Camp Crystal Lake while on a solo backpacking trip. Ignoring the campfire tales from his childhood, Kyle’s search turns deadly when he crosses the path of Camp Blood’s legendary mass murderer, Jason Voorhees. Stranded in the forest with Jason on his heels, Kyle must push his survival skills to their limits if he hopes to survive the night. Otherwise, he’ll wind up as another lost victim of the cursed camp.



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