Halls of Horror – 2017 Review

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HoH Seal - Halls of Horror - 2017 ReviewHalls of Horror Haunted Attraction’s Blood Experience once again stands out as by far the most genuinely disturbing experiences one can ever expect to enjoy. Each season, HOH defies expectations, stepping out of familiar comfort zones and challenging the concept of what a haunted attraction can and perhaps should be. From the moment one encounters the creepy clown-child in “claw machine”, to the last encounter with a pill-popping hillbilly queen, this is a haunt that is “extreme” at its core.

HOH never relies on the reputation of the prior year’s show and does not shy away from taking chances regarding character and story development. Each season’s show is a complete shock, and it is almost impossible to predict what is in store as one enters the dark dungeon of the Halls of Horror. HOH offers two experiences, a traditional “haunted house,” and the upgraded “Blood Experience,” that places each guest at the mercy of sick, twisted and almost inhumane characters that love bringing a sense of reality to one’s nightmares. HOH is not for those who are likely to be offended and is blunt that this is an adult, matured themed haunt, which blurs the thematic lines between “extreme” and “traditional” in design.

21368885 10155490381465180 2917847045476632517 o 300x200 - Halls of Horror - 2017 ReviewFor any self-respecting horror fan or those who feel as though haunts are for teens, HOH will change your perception of reality. HOH lives up to and exceeds any hype, and does not make false promises for fantastic “future” shows. This year’s show is a unique chapter in the long-running history of the innovative Halls of Horror, adding a twisted sense of levity and humor to this journey through damnation.

HOH prides itself on not only raising the bar regarding creating a once-in-a-lifetime show but also does something most haunt’s claim is “impossible” by evolving each season. Despite several staple scenes and characters, each season HOH takes on an innovative approach to haunting, while still maintaining is core tenants rooted in mature horror. In previous seasons, HOH focused more on the physical aspect of fear, placing guests at the mercy of domineering scare actors aimed at tormenting each guest, while this season took on a slightly more visceral, thought-provoking and disturbing approach to the show. Psychological fear is perhaps more mentally jarring than physicality, but the bottom line is each season HOH finds new ways to torment yet entertain each guest.

21731453 10155504745935180 1144531381449715441 o 236x300 - Halls of Horror - 2017 ReviewAt its core, HOH is a classical walk-through haunted attraction, a roughly half hour journey through a cavernous dungeon featuring many themes one would expect to see. Traditional scare tactics including use of fog, lighting effects and jump scares are juxtaposed with a dark, sinister vision of fear. HOH is designed to break down personal barriers, and each actor understands how powerful their role is in creating genuine personal reactions. While visiting HOH, you will have to “play” with a clown’s “balls,” get a “shave” from a perverted barber, be forced to touch a dead “rat”, gleefully locked in cages to “milk the pig (a hulking scare actor),” and enter the layer of the quite possibly the greatest creation in recent haunt character history, “Uncle Touchy.”

“Uncle Touchy” is the definition, the mascot of this year’s show which focused more on the psychological aspect of fear. After a visit with “Uncle Touchy,” you will feel sick to your stomach yet amused, often questioning perhaps your vision of morality. This type of creepy, dark fear generated by HOH is what makes this a compelling haunted attraction. No other haunt is as interactive, yet psychologically deep as HOH.  Like any horror anthology, HOH will continue to take on a fresh novel approach each season, but will always focus on providing entertainment that is designed to trigger genuine emotional response.

t - Halls of Horror - 2017 Review
Uncle Touchy

HOH is a mind fuck of epic proportions, designed from the start to control emotions, from laughter to fear, a sense of paranoia and at apprehension permeates the walls of this dungeon. Each scene aims to target a different phobia and challenges one to step outside of their comfort levels. It is impossible to avoid the immersive experience presented by HOH, as each small group is the centerpiece of the show. Safety is paramount, but one cannot hide from the insanity created around every single corner. HOH is quickly gaining notoriety as an attraction unlike any other and is truly one of the few haunted attractions that will leave you in complete, utter shock each season. Do not miss this year’s show, try the “Blood Experience” and prepare to see the sickest, darkest yet entertaining horror fantasies become a reality. HOH continues to innovate and drive the industry forward into an immersive, yet traditional direction. “Extreme” is the selling point, a philosophy of scaring proudly celebrated at the infamous Halls of Horror.

Halls of Horror’s Blood Experience (HOH) is the extreme innovator of immersive horror entertainment, defying the naysayers who claim that the idea of a “horror movie” come to life cannot be achieved in a haunted attraction. Every single season, the madness of HOH descends upon the quiet town of Palmerton, PA, creating a new show that embraces its mature, adult-themed foundation.

Written by Joe Rovinsky

Joe Rovinsky is a seasoned veteran media creator in the haunted attraction and immersive entertainment industry. Having worked with national and regional media outlets and numerous major attractions, Rovinsky has become established as one of the top influencers in the haunted attraction industry.

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