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DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend – Society

In a world in which class warfare and protests are on everyone’s minds, it’s no wonder why this week’s DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend is none other than Society, the wickedly strange and disturbing flick from Brian Yuzna!

A teenager suspects his family are part of a cabal of monstrous socialites who literally prey on the lower classes. Bill’s enjoying life’s privileges when he hears a recording of a family party that suggests it was actually a murderous, incestuous orgy. But that couldn’t be so, could it?

Though SOCIETY was released in 1992, it was only recently that its reputation as a masterpiece began to swell like a fleshy blob of aroused aliens. The Cronenbergian final act – filled with outrageously disturbing and blackly comic FX – never loses its power to shock. Essential viewing. Contains strong language, sexual scenes, violence, and gore.

society gif - DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend – Society

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shudder - DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend – Society

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