Experience Death Note in VR!


Get ready to experience Netflix’s Death Note (review) in a whole new way with this recently released VR/360 experience? Ready, set, LOOK AROUND! Ya never know where Ryuk is hiding!

From the Press Release:
Featuring the voice of Willem Dafoe, this immersive VR experience thrusts you into the thrilling world of Netflix Films’ Death Note. Once inside, you’ll have your own personal encounter with the terrifying Ryuk as you wield the Death Note and its power first-hand. Shall we begin?

Death Note is available on Netflix now!

About Death Note:
Based on the famous Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, Death Note follows a high school student who comes across a supernatural notebook, realizing it holds within it a great power; if the owner inscribes someone’s name into it while picturing their face, he or she will die. Intoxicated with his new godlike abilities, the young man begins to kill those he deems unworthy of life.

The Netflix original film stars an ensemble of rising young stars led by NAT WOLFF (The Fault in Our Stars) as Light Turner; MARGARET QUALLEY (“The Leftovers”) as Mia Sutton; and LAKEITH STANFIELD (Get Out) as “L.” Starring alongside the young actors are film and television veterans PAUL NAKAUCHI (Alpha and Omega) as Watari and SHEA WHIGHAM (“Agent Carter”) as James Turner. The voice of Ryuk is performed by two-time Oscar nominee WILLEM DAFOE (Spider-Man). Death Note is directed by ADAM WINGARD (Blair Witch), who brings his unique storytelling vision and style to a film infused with horror, suspense, and comedy.



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