IT on Its Way to Becoming Highest Grossing Pure Horror Film Ever!

Stephen King's IT

Andres Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s IT (review) continues to be a firestorm of popularity, shattering records and closing in on some HUGE ones held by titles such as The Exorcist!

According to Deadline, It will click past 1973’s The Exorcist $232.9M lifetime domestic gross Thursday to become the highest-grossing horror pic of all time. But is it really? Warner Bros. is calling the record from a pure genre standpoint, with all other films such as The Sixth Sense ($293M), Jaws ($260M) and Will Smith’s sci-fi zombie pic I Am Legend ($256.4M) considered horror hybrids. Sixth Sense is drama suspense, Jaws action suspense, and I Am Legend — which Warner Bros. produced and released — is considered sci-fi/fantasy by the studio.

Yeah, I mean I guess you could say that, but in the end aren’t the above still just horror movies? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to rain on WB’s much deserved parade. I guess we should be thankful the studio is owning up to the fact that, YES, IT is a horror movie. Something few studios do as horror has long been the bastard of the movie biz. No offense to bastards everywhere. It’s just an expression. Ugh, the things we have to apologize for nowadays… John Snow wept…

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