Film4 FrightFest 2011: Image Round-Up: Saint, Kill List, The Devil’s Business, A Lonely Place to Die, and More!


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And finally to round out our insane amount of coverage from the Film4FrightFest, we have even more imagery for you to dig on from some of the smaller (but just as kick-ass) films playing at the event. Dig on them all below.

Keep in mind, Festival and day passes go on sale from July 2nd. Tickets for individual films go on sale from August 1st. For more information visit the official Film4 FrightFest website.

That being said … on with the eye candy! As always, click on the images below to see them in high resolution.

The Caller
When troubled divorcee Mary Kee begins to receive mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller, she quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home. When she discovers that the person is calling from the past, Mary realizes that she will have to kill her in order to survive, but how do you kill someone living in the past, and what will happen if she fails? From the director of the internationally acclaimed ‘dot the i’, ‘The Caller’ is a chilling supernatural thriller in the tradition of ‘The Grudge’ and ‘The Ring’.

The Devil’s Business
Two hit men, Pinner, a cynical veteran, and the inexperienced Cully, are sent to murder an old associate of their underworld boss. Waiting for their mark to return home, Pinner attempts to pass the time by telling a strange story from his past, involving Valentina, a dancer he was once ordered to kill… But things are not all what they seem in their quarry’s house and the discovery of a make-shift black magic altar sends the uncomprehending duo into the shadowy darkness of their own tortured souls.

The Glass Man
Martin Pyrite has lost his job. But instead of telling his wife, he continues his work routine and gets into enormous monetary difficulties. Then late one night a sinister debt collector bangs on his door with an offer – if Martin helps him carry out an important task, he’ll wipe the financial slate clean. In accepting, Martin goes on a journey through his own private hell where he’s forced to confront his worst dreads in a mesmerizing vortex of soul-destroying madness.

Kill List
From the Down Terrace team comes a darkly funny, brutally visceral and surprising tale of terror. Ex-soldier-turned-hit-man Jay hasn’t worked in months, which is taking its toll on his marriage. Then his pal Gal comes up with an assignment for a mysterious client, and as the hits progress, so does Jay’s increasing bloodlust. Progressing confidently from uneasy character study to intense crime thriller to stark shocker, director Ben Wheatley’s unique chiller is one of the year’s unforgettable horror highlights.

A Lonely Place to Die
The tension never lets up in this ultimate British survival shocker featuring harrowing stunts and nerve-racking action. Five mountaineers are climbing in the Scottish Highlands when they stumble across an air pipe sticking out of the forest ground emitting panicked cries from a small girl speaking Serbian. Who buried her in the earth chamber? Why? The horrifying answers to all those questions will take the quintet to the death-defying Devil’s Drop. And in the deadliest game of cat-and-mouse, predator becomes prey and vice versa in this top-flight terroriser laced with pulse-pounding thrills.

My Sucky Teen Romance
This micro-budget horror-comedy is the third feature written and directed by 18-year-old Austin, Texas, auteur prodigy Emily Hagins. Kate, a bespectacled, college-bound nerd, is pleased to run into Paul, a shy but dreamy supermarket clerk, at Austin’s annual SpaceCon. Unfortunately, Paul has recently been turned into a vampire by an R Patz lookalike. Laced with satire that’s often silly, sometimes sweet and occasionally bizarre, this hipster horror coasts by through sheer force of wit, energy and creativity.

Dutch director Dick Maas delves into grim fairy tales for his latest bloody blockbuster. It’s December 5th: time for the Saint Nicolas festivities to commence in earnest. Student Frank and friends prepare to party dressed up as the legendary Saint and his little helpers, the Black Peters. But the real centuries old Saint Nick was a sadistic killer, a rogue bishop-turned-pirate. No one believes the fable, but then a medieval schooner is spotted sailing towards Amsterdam harbour and a sudden wave of shocking murders begins…

In 2002, eight months before the invasion of Iraq, the military took into custody and imprisoned a supernatural entity at Stormhouse, a Top Secret underground base. And now it wants to play…Delivering heart-pounding tension, nerve-shredding shocks and out of the blue jolts, director Dan Turner’s noose tightening slow-burner combines the realism of Paranormal Activity with the chilling atmosphere of The Ring and the visceral horror of the Saw series. The disturbing climactic twists will leave you stunned.

The Theatre Bizarre
Down a seedy city street in her neighbourhood, young Enola Penny is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre. One night she sees that the front door is slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside. But there in the dark, decrepit auditorium, a show unlike any other unfolds before her eyes. Its host is the eerie human puppet Pegg Poett, who introduces her to six weird tales. Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to THE THEATRE BIZARRE.

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