Short Film Gone Featuring Stephen King Set to Premiere at Edmonton Festival of Fear


The king of horror himself, Stephen King, appears in director Billy Chizmar’s new short film Gone; and it will be having its World Premiere in October at the Edmonton Festival of Fear International Film Festival. Read on for the details!

From the Press Release:
The Edmonton Festival of Fear International Film Festival will be the first film festival in the world to screen Gone by director Billy Chizmar. Barry J. Gillis, founder of the festival, contacted Chizmar to tell him that his film was in high contention to screen at the festival in October and asked Billy if it had been screened at any other film fest. 

Gills explains, “After doing an extensive search all over the Internet, I couldn’t find anything about the movie playing at any other film festival. I figured we might have a World Premiere on our hands.”

Chizmar e-mailed Gills back to tell him that no other film festival had contacted him about the movie. Gillis told Chizmar that he enjoyed the movie, whether Stephen King was involved in it or not; but the fact that King makes an appearance in it was “icing on the cake,” states Gillis. “I believe the movie was overlooked because Billy is not promoting it as a movie where Stephen King makes an appearance, so other film festivals have dropped the ball on the film.”

Gone is about three friends who go on a fishing trip deep into the woods, telling creepy stories at night by a campfire. Weird things begin happening beyond their wildest dreams. The intensity grows as each of them disappears into the dark night.

Billy wrote the screenplay with his father, Richard, who also co-wrote a novella with King entitled Gwendy’s Button Box. Along wit King, the film co-stars Andrew Morgan, Billy Chizmar, and Jacob Warren.

“I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s quite the movie. For the shoestring budget that Billy had, he has done something really original to make up for the little money he had to make the movie,” says Gillis.

The Edmonton Festival of Fear is a two-day film festival but will be expanding to three days next year; they plan on growing and expanding every year thereafter. “We strive to be the greatest film festival on earth,” says Gillis.

The Edmonton Festival of Fear International Film Festival opens on Friday, the 13th of October, 2017. The Official Selections have just been announced and can be found at the following link:



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