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We’ve been going rather steadily with The Devil’s Muse and I’m planning on keeping it going for as long as possible, which is why today I’m highlighting Eileen Steinbach of SG Posters!

I caught wind of Steinbach with her three-piece series of Stephen King original minimalistic posters, each of which can be seen below. From there, we connected and she put together several other examples of her work for us to see and admire!

Speaking about the minimalistic approach, Eileen explains, “I’m a big fan of minimalism in design and illustration. When you look at my work that’s the one theme, I think. It doesn’t matter really how detailed the movie is, when I sit down to start a new poster, I think about about its core. That can be colors or a feeling or a single detail from the story that stands out to me and I’m trying to capture that with just a few elements. After all? The result has to be something I would want to put on my wall. That’s the ultimate goal.

As for why Steinbach opted to do her series around King’s works, she states, “I read pretty much all of his books as a teenager, I guess I’d call myself a fan. I also loved the movie adaptions like Shining, It, Misery and Needful Things. With The Dark Tower and the It remake coming, I thought it might be the right time to tackle his work and turn it into a little series and it’s very likely I’ll add more to it in the future!

Something very important to note about SG Posters is that Steinbach views it as a way to promote other artists and the hard work that they put out. By her own words, she uses her social profiles, “…to not only showcase my own work but other people’s stuff as well.” So if you’re looking for a resource that will show you art from multiple people across a wide spectrum of styles, SG Posters will certainly satisfy that need!

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