Rest in Peace: Film Artist Dustin Pace Passes Away at Age 33


Update: a GoFundMe page has been launched to help alleviate the financial costs during these hard times. If you wish to donate, simply go here. Thank you.

Update #2: We were originally told that Dustin was 36 when he passed, which is incorrect. He was 33. We have updated the story accordingly.

It is with a broken heart that I write to you all about the passing of Dustin Pace, a film artist who was well known and loved in the horror community. Yesterday Dustin was taken to the hospital after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, and he died earlier today at the young age of 33. He leaves behind his wife, Tiffany.

It’s hard to explain the relationship many had with Dustin. You see, many of us only knew him through Twitter, where he was active and always positive. He participated in discussions and always added something important and meaningful. He cracked jokes that put smiles on the faces of everyone he encountered. He clearly touched the lives of so many people from all around the country and perhaps even the world.

As an artist, he managed to create fantastic pieces with minimal colors, electing to make special use of negative space and shadows to create illusions of depth and separation. Below are two pieces, one from “Twin Peaks” that he called This Is the Water and This Is the Well and one from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

Before Dustin’s stroke that took him to the hospital, he was tweeting about how he would love for companies to hire him to do artwork for posters. His passion for his art never stopped, and it was one of the most admirable qualities about him.

I’m going to add a personal thought here. I purchased a signed copy of This Is the Water and This Is the Well from Dustin just last week. The package came a couple of days ago and I didn’t tweet a picture or send him a “thank you” message because I was waiting to get it framed and hung up on my wall. Now I’ll never have that chance. I implore every one of you to never wait to tell someone how you feel because you never, ever know what can happen in even a short amount of time. I’m still going to frame that picture and I’m still going to tweet it out. But now it will be in memory of Dustin and not in gratitude to him, something that absolutely shatters my heart.

We at Dread Central send our deepest condolences to Tiffany and to the friends and family of Dustin.

Rest well, sir. You are going to be sorely missed.

twinpeaksdustinpace - Rest in Peace: Film Artist Dustin Pace Passes Away at Age 33

texaschainsawmassacredustinpace - Rest in Peace: Film Artist Dustin Pace Passes Away at Age 33

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