Wish Upon Director’s Cut Features 11 Minutes of Additional Footage

The supernatural horror film Wish Upon is still in theaters and we’re already hearing word about an extended cut from director John R. Leonetti, who spoke to Coming Soon. Leonetti told the site, “There’s an 11-minute longer version of the movie.” As for what’s included in those 11 minutes, Leonetti says that we’d see a lot of emotional moments…and some good old fashioned gore!

Leonetti explains, “…we had to cut it because of the pacing. There’s some amazing character shit, like the scene with Clare and her dad on the bed, for example; that went considerably longer and it was actually so good that people who saw it would get tears in their eyes. But it was just too long for this ‘zone’, you understand what I mean? That’s just part of the deal with a movie like this and the audience it was made for.

As for the more horrific stuff, Leonetti describes a rather terrifying sounding scene: “And that scene with Sherilyn in the sink, she DOES get scalped and that’s in the unrated director’s cut that we’re releasing on Blu-ray and on cable or wherever. There is a cut that initially got an R and her scalp gets torn up pretty good. I can’t wait for people to see that version of the movie. It’s just better. It’s a better version of the movie all around, but it’s still paced pretty briskly.

Directed by John R. Leonetti (Annabelle), produced by Sherryl Clark (Cloverfield), and written by Barbara Marshall, Wish Upon stars Joey King, Ryan Phillippe, Ki Hong Lee, Mitchell Slaggert, Shannon Purser, Sydney Park, Alice Lee, Kevin Hanchard, and Sherilyn Fenn.

In the latest horror thriller from the director of Annabelle, 17-year-old CLARE SHANNON (Joey King) is barely surviving the hell that is high school, along with her friends MEREDITH (Sydney Park) and JUNE (Shannon Purser). So when her dad (Ryan Phillippe) gifts her an old music box with an inscription that promises to grant the owner’s wishes, she thinks there is nothing to lose. Clare makes her first wish; and, to her surprise, it comes true.

Before long, she finally has it all: money, popularity, and her dream boy. Everything seems perfect – until the people closest to her begin dying in gruesome and twisted ways. Now, with blood on her hands, Clare has to get rid of the box before it costs her and everyone she loves the ultimate price.

Be careful what you wish for.

WishUpon FinalPoster - Wish Upon Director's Cut Features 11 Minutes of Additional Footage

Written by Jonathan Barkan

Lifelong horror fan with a love of music on the side.

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