Wish Upon Soundtrack and Score Albums Arrive Digitally on Friday


While most horror fans are set to go Ape this weekend, there’s also another genre project heading to theaters, Wish Upon; and its soundtrack and score albums are both being made available digitally on the same day as the film’s release.  Here are the details…

From the Press Release:
Lakeshore Records will release both the original soundtrack and an original score album for the film Wish Upon digitally on July 14, 2017. The Wish Upon – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, with music supervision by three-time Grammy nominee Alexandra Patsavas, features the original song “Be Careful What You Wish For” by Wayfarers, along with tracks by Hey Violet, Grace Mitchell, Kil The Giant, Lili Ray, and Leo Soul (feat. Lili Ray). It will be released on CD later this summer. The Wish Upon – Original Score album features music by tomandandy (The Monster, The Rules of Attraction, Killing Zoe).

In Wish Upon, the new horror thriller from the director of Annabelle, 17-year-old Clare Shannon (Joey King) is barely surviving the hell that is high school, along with her friends Meredith (Sydney Park) and June (Shannon Purser). So, when her dad (Ryan Phillippe) gifts her an old music box with an inscription that promises to grant the owner’s wishes, she thinks there is nothing to lose. Clare makes her first wish, and to her surprise, it comes true. Before long, she finally has it all: money, popularity, and her dream boy. Everything seems perfect—until the people closest to her begin dying in gruesome and twisted ways. Now, with blood on her hands, Clare has to get rid of the box, before it costs her and everyone she loves the ultimate price.

Be careful what you wish for…

“John [Leonetti, the director] and I worked closely together to come up with songs that embody the Wish Upon sonic universe – catchy, modern, classic, and sometimes a little tense and off-kilter,” said Music Supervisor/Producer Alexandra Patsavas. Patsavas has been responsible for identifying and exposing a remarkable string of original music to mainstream audiences.

A champion of independent artists, music supervisor Patsavas turned to the band Wayfarers, who contributed the original song “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

“It is rare to come across a song that feels as right for a film as ‘Be Careful What You Wish For.’ Wayfarers captured the spirit of Wish Upon in one finely crafted track. John knew as soon as he heard an early demo that this was to be the signature song for the film.”

An integral part of the “spell” of the box lies in the tune it plays as the wish is granted. The filmmakers were keen to have its musical aspect be as special as the box itself, and so they turned to the film’s composers, tomandandy (the duo of Thomas Hadju and Andy Milburn), to create the haunting sound.

When composing for the film, Andy Milburn of tomandandy found it “helpful that the melody has at least a couple of tiny ‘mini-melodies’ within it that can be broken out and used separately. In Wish Upon, this took the form of a counter melody that’s really just a little accompanying figure, able to stand on its own and evoke the box—without requiring a complete re-statement of the theme.”

Directed by John R. Leonetti, Wish Upon will be released in theaters by Broad Green Pictures on July 14, 2017. Lakeshore Records will release the Wish Upon – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Wish Upon – Original Motion Picture Score digitally the same day.

Wish Upon – Original Soundtrack
01. All We Ever Wanted – Hey Violet
02. Be Careful What You Wish For – Wayfarers
03. Kids (Ain’t Alright) – Grace Mitchell
04. Night Lies (Feat. Lizzy Land) – Mating Ritual
05. Tear The Roof Down – Kil The Giant
06. Drippin’ – Lili Ray
07. Don’t Take My Summer Away – Truli
08. Wait Too Long (Feat. Lili Ray) – Leo Soul
09. Let The Devil Drive – Confidant
10. I Feel The Love – Sly and The Family Stallone
11. Were You Surprised (OMG!) – Royal Cinema
12. The Wish Box – tomandandy

Wish Upon (Original Motion Picture Score)
01. The Wish Box
02. Opening
03. First Wish
04. Dream
05. Second Wish
06. Crawl
07. Vault
08. Extended Family
09. Third Wish
10. Like Her
11. Proposal
12. Maybe
13. Investigate
14. Gina
15. Lost
16. Intrude
17. Disposal
18. June BBQ
19. Out of Here
20. Flat
21. Wracked
22. Wrong
23. Two Wishes Left
24. A New Day
25. Curiosity



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