New Books Take Us from Cincinnati Cemeteries to Ghost Towns of New Jersey

ghosttownsofnewjersey 600x422 - New Books Take Us from Cincinnati Cemeteries to Ghost Towns of New Jersey

If you’re a fan of visiting haunted places – either in person or via the printed word, then you should be well aware of Schiffer Publishing, whose catalogue includes a number of books about the metaphysical, the paranormal, and folklore. They have two new titles heading our way on July 28th that should be of interest to the Midwest/East Coast ghost hunters in the crowd:

First up, Schiffer introduces us to more than 18 Ghost Towns of New Jersey: A Tour of Our Forgotten Places. This authoritative compendium includes maps, regional history, and enough information to plan your own visit. As a special treat, learn more about the Jersey Devil!

Explore over 18 beloved ghost towns in New Jersey through over 200 black & white and color photographs, maps, historic vignettes, and touring information. These are some of the oldest and best-preserved ghost towns in America, from the Revolutionary Ironworks of Long Pond to the forgotten village of Chestnut Neck.

Stop by Walpack Center, the loneliest and most remote town nestled in the corner of Northwest New Jersey. Visit Allaire Village, a wonderful excursion for the family with living history and live-steam train rides. See Whitesbog, a still-active cranberry operation with a great general store. Discover the past and what led to the rise, fall, and preservation of these historic places.

Packed with historic photographs, maps, and well-researched text, Timothy Regan takes us on a tour you will want to take time and time again. Towns include Atsion, Batsto, Pleasant Mills, Feltville, Smithville, Double Trouble, Waterloo, Sandy Hook, Phalanx, Greenwich Landing, and more.

ghosttownsofnewjersey - New Books Take Us from Cincinnati Cemeteries to Ghost Towns of New Jersey

Then we travel to Cincinnati Cemeteries: Hauntings and Other Legends. Cincinnati Cemeteries compiles 22 tales of the strange and paranormal from Cincinnati’s historic burial grounds and includes stories of ghosts, legends, and haunted histories and mysteries. Learn the local lore from Cincinnati’s own Roy L. Heizer, a local ghost tour guide and paranormal researcher.

The cemeteries of greater Cincinnati have had their share of hauntings, strange occurrences, and odd phenomena throughout history. Entombed within these pages are 22 stories of the dead and the strange—tales of those who have experienced for themselves the hauntingly beautiful burial grounds of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hold tight to your scarf or shawl as you follow the legend of the ghost who loves to steal items of clothing. Listen to famous lawyer Harvey Myers as he presents evidence to a jury… from beyond the grave. Walk a dog that died more than a hundred years ago, and meet the ghostly guard of Linden Grove Cemetery. Unearth a strange family secret involving two graveyards, and raise spirits by rubbing your hands together. Enjoy the mystical, weird, horrifying, and sometimes funny stories from beyond the eternal curtain as you discover the haunted history behind Cincinnati’s most beloved internment grounds.

cincinnaticemeteries - New Books Take Us from Cincinnati Cemeteries to Ghost Towns of New Jersey