Headless SLS Images Appear In The Gasp Menagerie

By Mr. Dark

SLS technology is a new tool in paranormal investigation.  Most people are familiar with it from Microsoft’s failed accessory the Kinect.  It emits a field of infrared dots, uses two night-vision cameras to track those dots, and then maps things within the field of vision based on how those dots appear.  Many saw the effect in action in Paranormal Activity 4, where the night-vision camera caught sight of the entity Toby that was invisible to the naked eye.

SLS cameras used for paranormal investigation work a little differently, but on the same theory: the belief is they can spot figures moving that might not be visible with the naked eye.  As the Kinect was designed to track human movement, the SLS spots humanoid figures and maps them out as “stick people” moving within the gray and green video image.  A typical paranormal SLS image would have a shot of a space with nobody in it, only to suddenly have a stick figure appear and move about without any visual evidence of a solid, real person in the shot.

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David Weatherly of the Society of the Supernatural did an investigation into the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Panama City, FL recently and claims to have observed many paranormal events.  Disembodied voices, knocks, and footsteps are some of the things he and his team observed.

The most compelling evidence he collected was from an SLS device when they were investigating an “executioner’s table” in the tribal area.  A hand-carved table reportedly used for beheading people, supposedly stained with blood, is in the shot with someone sitting at it.  While filming, a chaotic stick figure appears.  While it’s a little hard to make out, the figure appears to splay across the table and, in the final flash, appears to no longer have a head.

The video is below.  As I said, it’s hard to make out.  Once I watched a few more traditional SLS videos online, I had a better understanding of what I was looking at, so you may want to do the same.

Is this evidence of a spirit re-enacting its final moments of life on the table?  Is the SLS camera an accurate tool for discovering and recording spirits around us?  What do you think?

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