These Animated Vintage Horror Posters Are Magnificent

The Shining
For the first time ever, the psychological horror film, The Shining, will bring unspeakable terror to “Halloween Horror Nights” in terrifying new mazes opening at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood, beginning this September.

Movie posters are an incredibly important part of a marketing campaign. A good poster can get a lot of word-of-mouth, entice theatergoers when they see them in cinemas, and get shares on the internet when done right. Then again, they can go viral when done wrong, as evidenced by Marvel’s recent Spider-man: Homecoming and Black Panther abominations.

If you want to get someone’s attention with a poster, you’ve got to do something different these days. You have to step away from tried and true clichés and think strongly about the product you’re marketing and how to make it pop. Or you can do something that visually engages the viewer because of how unique it is. It’s the latter case in action with the below offerings.

The animated posters, which appeared on Camp-CrystalLake‘s Tumblr, use the same basic model of a vintage poster, complete with folds, creases, wrinkles, smudge marks, and aged edges, but where image would go is instead replaced with a gif from the film that’s being pushed. These are all classic films, so we know the scenes and where they come from. But seeing them put into this format gives not only the scenes new life but also rekindles my interest in revisiting these films. The posters do what they are intending to do, which is make me want to see the movie.

Now let’s just hope that Hollywood can learn from examples like this to go outside of the box.