Revised and Expanded Edition of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci Announced


I have to sing the praises for Lucio Fulci, because he helped me discover the wonders of horror early in my life. That’s because I watched his films Zombi 2 (or Zombie Flesh Eaters, as it’s known in the UK) and The House by the Cemetery when I was a kid, which guaranteed that I was hooked on violence and gore from a young age.

If, like me, you want to celebrate the life of the great Italian horror pioneer, I suggest you head over to Indiegogo to help finance an expanded re-issue of Stephen Thrower’s acclaimed book Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci. This new version will feature an incredible 128 brand new pages, 40 of which will be in full color. Backers will also receive a DVD called The Lucio Fulci Trailer Show, which showcases the classic trailers for his films. Best of all, you can also have your name printed in the book, which is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

From the Press Release:
Our goal is to re-issue Stephen Thrower’s acclaimed Lucio Fulci book Beyond Terror in a massively revised and expanded edition along with an exclusive DVD of all known Lucio Fulci trailers, gathered together for the first time ever, all presented in a heavy duty case modelled on the Book of Eibon. We can only make this dream project become a reality with YOUR help!

A Radical New Edition
This is more than just a re-issue however; we have spent the past three years working with author Stephen Thrower to fully revise, update and expand Beyond Terror to take account of the intervening twenty years of research and every new discovery about Lucio Fulci and his work. In fact so much has changed compared to the first edition that we can confidently claim this is effectively a NEW BOOK that will be of great value even to those of you who already have a treasured copy of Beyond Terror in your library.


80,000 more words

128 more pages, including an extra 40 pages in full colour

350 more images

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