LAFF 2017: Replace These Stills

Following its World Premiere at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, where it received a Melies D’Argent nomination for Best European Fantasy Film, German director Norbert Keil’s neo-noir body horror Replace will be having its North American premiere in the Nightfall section of the 2017 LA Film Festival, running June 14-22 and right now we have a fresh batch of stills for you.

Co-written by genre icon Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil) and starring Rebecca Forsythe (daughter of William Forsythe) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), Replace is a Bathoryesque tale of a beautiful young woman afflicted with a disease that rapidly ages her skin. After seeking the advice of a dermatologist, she discovers she can replace her skin with that of other girls; and aided by her lover, she abducts and kills a potential donor. But when the disease returns, she is forced to find more victims and soon becomes the target of a police investigation.

replace 4 - LAFF 2017: Replace These Stills

replace 3 - LAFF 2017: Replace These Stills

replace 1 - LAFF 2017: Replace These Stills

replace 2 - LAFF 2017: Replace These Stills

Lucie Aron and Sean Knopp co-star.

The LA Film Festival screening of Replace will take place at Arclight Cinemas, Culver City, CA, at 9:45 pm on Friday, June 16th. CLICK HERE for more info.

Filmed on location in Toronto and executive produced by Colin Geddes (former director of TIFF – Midnight Madness) and Katerina Gligorijevic of Ultra8 Pictures, Replace has already drawn comparisons to the films of David Cronenberg (Rabid, Crash) and Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral).

Produced by Felix Von Poser of German-based production company Sparkling Pictures and represented for worldwide sales by UK-based genre specialist Jinga Films, Replace will also receive its market premiere at the forthcoming Cannes Film Festival. Stay tuned for more updates!

replace lafilmfest - LAFF 2017: Replace These Stills

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