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TNT’s Tales From the Crypt is on an Indefinite Hiatus



Last December, we posted that TNT’s “Tales From the Crypt” was on hold while all of the rights were being figured out by the various legal teams. However, it seems like that process has taken too long because the network has decided to move on from the project without giving a date on when they might return.

Speaking with Deadline, TNT and TBS president Kevin Reilly explained, “That one got really caught up in a complete legal mess unfortunately with a very complicated underlying rights structure. We lost so much time, so I said, ‘Look, I’m not waiting around four years for this thing’. Maybe that will come back around.

“Tales From the Crypt” was supposed to be part of a horror block on TNT. When asked if that was still something in the works, even without the iconic anthology horror show being a part of it, Reilly explained, “I haven’t ruled it out. We don’t have a specific property today but we’re open to it.

So, while it may be a sad day for those who were excited to see more tales from a Cryptkeeper, perhaps this is a chance for something new to emerge. Besides, we have seven seasons of great episodes to fall back on whenever we’re feeling nostalgic!




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