Exclusive Patchwork Clip Will Cure Your Hangover

Out on VOD today is the body horror film Patchwork, which sees three people stitched together into one body, sending them on a mission to find out just what in the Sam Hill happened!

To give you a taste of the gruesome nature of the film, we got our hands on an exclusive clip. Check it out below!

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre, Patchwork stars Tory Stolper, Tracey Fairaway, Maria Blasucci, and James Phelps.

After a night on the town, Jennifer, Ellie, and Madeleine awake to find themselves stitched together into the same body. Determined to find out what happened to them and who is responsible, they set out on a madcap quest for revenge.

patchworkposter 1024x1536 - Exclusive Patchwork Clip Will Cure Your Hangover

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