Silently Within Your Shadow Pulling Strings on Amazon Prime Next Week


Following an international run at close to 50 festivals and a 10-venue tour of London, Scott Lyus’ haunting psychological horror short Silently Within Your Shadow will be hitting Amazon Prime next week on May 26th.

Penned by Lyus and starring Sophie Tergeist, Byron Fernandes, and Bill Moseley, Silently Within Your Shadow tells the tale of Lucette, a budding young ventriloquist, and her struggles with an unconventional love triangle. Her boyfriend, Jas, becomes increasingly concerned about the state of their relationship as tensions heighten among Lucette, himself, and her partner in pine, Hugo. To Jas, Hugo is just an inanimate kids’ puppet, but he means everything to Lucette and might possibly be much more real than anyone could imagine.

Hugo is voiced by Moseley, who brings a stark sense of dread and darkness to Lucette’s perturbing puppet, who makes Slappy, Annabelle, Chucky, et al feel pretty wooden by comparison.

Lyus is currently working on post for his latest short, Echoes of the Passed, which you can keep up-to-date with over on Twitter. In the meanwhile, we’ll leave you with the trailer for Silently Within Your Shadow, which we think will pull a few of your strings.

Amazon Poster 2 - Silently Within Your Shadow Pulling Strings on Amazon Prime Next Week

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