Exclusive: 200 Degrees Poster Cranks Up the Heat

Level 33 Entertainment has acquired the North American rights to the thriller film 200 Degrees, which was formerly titled Burn. The film sounds like a mix between Phone Booth and Saw, with Eric Balfour playing a stockbroker who is kidnapped and threatened with immolation unless he can cough up quite a hefty sum of cash.

200 Degrees was written by Garry Charles (Day of the Mummy, Cute Little Buggers) and directed by Giorgio Serafini (Game of Death). It stars Eric Balfour (Skyline, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), LaDon Drummond (Johnny’s Gone, War, Blood of Redemption), Joe Grisaffi (Jacob, Sorry), Larry Wade Carrell (Jacob, She Rises), and Kristin Cochell (Anna, The Possessed). It comes out June 6, 2017.

Stockbroker Ryan Hinds awakes inside a sealed industrial kiln. A mysterious voice sets out a seemingly impossible task: deliver one million dollars in two hours, or the temperature in the kiln will rise until Ryan is burned alive.

200degreesposter - Exclusive: 200 Degrees Poster Cranks Up the Heat