The Cleansing Hour Live Streams a Demonic Possession and Exorcism


It seems that nearly anything and everything can be watched live online these days. Concerts, animal births, sports, competitive gaming, etc… The list for what can be streamed live goes on and on. So why wouldn’t it make sense to live stream an exorcism, right?

That’s the premise behind The Cleansing Hour, an 18-minute short film written by Aaron Horwitz and directed by Damien LeVeck, which stars Heather Morris (“Glee”), Sam Jaeger (American Sniper, Lucky Number Slevin), Jonny Radtke (Filter, Ashes Divide), and Neil Grayston (“Spooked”, “iZombie”). In the short, a young woman is hired to act as though she’s possessed during a live stream, whereupon she will be “exorcised” in front of an audience of millions. However, things go off the rails when the fantasy becomes reality and the world becomes witness to a true demonic possession.

The short has won multiple awards at various festivals, including Halloween International Film Festival, Shriekfest Film Festival, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, and more.

Drew and Max run a webcast that streams LIVE exorcisms that are actually elaborately staged hoaxes. But when they discover today‚Äôs actress is demon-possessed, Drew and Max are forced to reckon with their online charade–live in front of a global audience

Cleansing Hour online:
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