Introducing Splattrax!!!


splattraxtestsmall - Introducing Splattrax!!!The time is here!

hod 53c7f5086ef95 - Introducing Splattrax!!!Yes, the hour has come to unleash our newest feature here at Dread Central — Splattrax!

What is it? Well, if all goes well this will be a weekly addition that will allow us to tear apart really bad horror flicks for your enjoyment. All you have to do is purchase the film in question and play the sound file below while the movie is playing. You’ll hear a group of us going at it in an effort to amuse you more than the film ever will.

This week it is Uwe Boll’s House of the Dead (buy it here). You know it’s bad and hard to watch, but believe me when I say that Buz, Foywonder and myself made the experience worth the price of admission.

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    The name Splattrax was director Joe Lynch’s idea. Give him some props over at his MySpace page. Thanks Joe!!!

    Kryten Syxx

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