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Eyegasm: The Best and Worst Home Video Cover Art – 4/11/17




Sometimes artists churn out the kind of cover art that makes you drool… It doesn’t matter what the content of the actual film is, if the cover art is amazing, as horror fans we’ll likely watch on principle alone. When it’s bad, however… holy shit.

With so many movies coming out each week, we decided to dole out our best and worst picks for you to look at and judge for yourselves. Let us know what YOU think in the comments below.


House: Two Stories
Distributed by Arrow Video

This wonderful take on the original artwork for both House and House II: The Second Story is nothing short of an absolute winner! It tickles our nostalgia nerve, while modernizing the pre-existing materials into a glorious bit of eye candy.

House Two Stories


Lake Eerie
Distributed by FilmRise

Call us crazy, but the first thing that comes to mind after looking at a piece of artwork shouldn’t be, “What exactly am I looking at?” This is a textbook example of doing it all wrong. From the muddy font that’s barely readable (especially the first word in the film’s title) to the obscured creature hand (is that what’s going on?), whoever came up with this crap should never be allowed near Photoshop again.

This one gets the coveted Dread Central Bees in the Eyes Award!

Lake Eerie




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