Here’s Your New Pinhead From Hellraiser: Judgment

hellraiserjudgmentbtspinhead 750x422 - Here's Your New Pinhead From Hellraiser: Judgment

We’re still waiting to hear any news about when Hellraiser: Judgment, the 10th film in the series created by Clive Barker, is actually going to come out. It was supposed to be here on March 28th but that date has come and gone without incident, so we’re just twiddling our thumbs and wishing we had a Lament Configuration to make the time pass by a little faster.

However, some new photos from the set of the film have been revealed by website KinoVolna and one of them shows Paul T. Taylor in his full Pinhead glory, although he’s obscured by a soft mist with stronger lighting behind him. You can see each of the images below.

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Earlier in the year, director Gary Tunnicliffe spoke with the 60 Minutes With podcast, saying:
All I can say is, the movie is finished. It’s edited – got sound and music, and it’s all done. There’s a trailer, which I just saw. There’s a poster, which is really fucking cool. It’s utterly brilliant. I hope to god they use it. It’s not a big Photoshop thing, it’s like a Drew Struzan picture. It’s lovely. But apparently they did see it and think, ‘We may do a limited theatrical on it.’ But I don’t know. They will release it when they see fit. It could be soon, it could be later. It could be theatrical, it could not be. I’m sure I’ll be the last to know.

Hellraiser: Judgment stars Damon Carney, John Gulagher, Diane Goldner, Mike Jay Regan, Andi Powers, Jeff Fenter, Heather Langenkamp, and Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead.

hellraiserjudgmentbtspinhead 1024x681 - Here's Your New Pinhead From Hellraiser: Judgment