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Here Are More Details on the Upcoming Piranha JPN: Summer of the Piranha



The updates keep coming in regarding Japan’s take on the Piranha franchise and we’re thrilled to bring you some more news! Let’s start with what we already know, shall we? The movie is being produced by Hisako Tsukuba (who worked on every entry under the name Chako van Leeuwen) and it markes the first new entry since 2012’s Piranha 3DD, which was directed by John Gulager. Secondly, we confirmed that Roger Corman will be acting as the executive producer and has already committed a sizable contribution to the budget.

Now for some new information! With information translated by Yuki Morita, who starred in Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla and 2015’s Bad Building, we learned that Piranha JPN is the official Japanese title while Summer of the Piranha is the international English name. The film is in pre-production and they’re currently searching for a director, cast, and crew. That being said, the expected shoot date is this summer in Japan.

But do you want to hear something really interesting? The design of the piranhas is going to be new for this film! Supposedly, they’re going to be a mixture of your standard piranha’s and tuna fish. The joke here is that the Japanese people adore eating tuna and now the tables will turn!

Since no cast has been confirmed for the film, who would you like to see star in Piranha JPN: Summer of the Piranha? Personally, I’m always a fan of Takeshi Kitano, although I have a hard time believing he’d play in such a film. You tell me in the comments who you’d love to see in such a film!




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