New Website and One-Sheet: Dan Walton’s Bind


When will we ever learn? STAY OUT OF THE WOODS! There’s no fun to be had there! Just murder, mayhem, violence, and the distinct lack of anywhere sanitary in which to drop a deuce! Ah well. At least we have a body count to entertain us as we wait for the hammer to fall.

The official Bind website opened it doors for your horror-loving business today, and though there’s not much there now, keep an eye on it!

Bind is directed by Dan Walton and stars Edward (American History X) Furlong, Emmanuelle (Mirrors 2) Vaugier, Ryan (Final Destination 3) Merriman, Daniel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) Cudmore, Chelan (Malibu Shark Attack) Simmons, Kevin (Laid to Rest) Gage, P.J. (Halloween) Soles, and Christa (2001 Maniacs) Campbell.

Look for more on this flick soon, and in the interim check out the official Bind Facebook page and the new teaser one-sheet below.

A weekend getaway to a scenic winter wonderland takes a deadly turn when a group of friends find themselves pitted against the elements and a dark presence with a bloody agenda.

New Website and One-Sheet: Dan Walton's Bind

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