Meet Your Maker in New Little Nightmares Trailer


Whenever a major publisher decides to picks up a small indie title and distributes it to a wide audience whilst also giving it a huge marketing push, we’re reminded that there is indeed some life left on this planet.

So kudos to Bandai Namco for picking up Tarsier Studios’ Hunger, which they re-branded as Little Nightmares. It’s now set to be released on April 28, and not only will there be a physical edition (something unlikely to happen without a major publisher onboard), but there’s also gonna be a nifty collector’s edition which includes a statue, a poster, the game’s soundtrack, and a ton of other swag.

The Many Ways to Meet your Maker in Little Nightmares
The Maw is an unforgiving place, filled with dastardly creatures and gruesome characters that would like nothing better than to make a meal of our little heroine named Six. Today we’re sharing a new Little Nightmares trailer showing a few ways where Six loses her battle to escape The Maw and ends up meeting her maker. Head over to the YouTube link below to embed todays eerie video.

While Little Nightmares will be offered digitally; for fans seeking a physical copy of the game, Little Nightmares will be offered in a special Six Edition that is sure to delight collectors, featuring a 10 cm tall Six figurine, the original game soundtrack, sticker board, and an exclusive poster, all contained in a themed cage box.

Players looking to pre-order the digital version of Little Nightmares will enjoy different incentives depending on the version they order. Xbox One and STEAM® pre-orders begin today with the PlayStation®4 pre-order to start soon. Be sure to grab the beauty shots we’ve placed on our FTP site for specifics.



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