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Congelier Mansion
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America’s Most Haunted Places – Congelier House: The House the Devil Built

Have you ever been in a situation where the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention? Do you know what it feels like to experience the feeling that someone is watching you? These are all typical feelings when ghostly presences are close by. They suck the energy from the room, leaving a cold and dreary feeling. But, what about the ghosts that are nothing but pure evil? Some say that the evil energy that allowed a crime to happen never leaves a space. It is always there, tormenting whomever crosses its path.

Most people believe in haunted houses. Ghosts can make things quite unsettling for humans. However, there have always been some places that are more fictionalized than fact. Unfortunately for some, there are some places that are so scary, so ghastly that most people would dare going there during the day let alone at night. What about ghosts what have a vendetta and want to hurt anyone who gets in their way? Yes, some people can be as evil and mean in death as they were in life.

The “Most Haunted House in America” is located at 1129 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Built in 1871, the house’s horrid past no doubt is the reason behind the paranormal activity. The original owner of the home, Charles Wright Congelier, was having an affair with the maid. When his wife Lydia found out, she stabbed her husband and cut off his mistress Elsa’s head. This was a pretty grueling crime for that era, but the evil energy that lurked in that home never left.

After the gruesome murders, the home sat empty for over two decades. It was purchased by a railroad company. The workers could hear blood-curdling screams coming from the walls of the home. It didn’t take long until they moved out. Once again, the home was empty. In 1901, the home was purchased by a doctor. Once he moved in, the home seemed to possess him. Neighbors noted that they never saw him out and he stayed inside most of the time. One night, things all changed. The neighbors heard screaming and ran to see what was the matter. What they saw has no logical explanation.

The earth underneath the house trembled with anger. A great, red, flash of light shot through the middle of the home. From the violent shaking, the sidewalks cracked and the windows shattered. Not one window in the home was left intact. The real horror was found inside when the investigators had a closer look. They found a woman, in a decomposed state, strapped to the bed. They also found five additional bodies, beheaded in the basement. Again, the house was empty with not a buyer in sight.

Equitable Gas Company set up shop in the home next. They hired all immigrant workers and got rid of all their American workers. At first, all the strange occurrences in the home were written off as pranks caused by disgruntled employees that lost their jobs. However, it was soon apparent that no human being could cause the turmoil in the home. Workers reported seeing apparitions and black shadows within the home. They noted growling coming from the walls. Being pushed, lighting disturbances, and odd smells became commonplace in the old building. One fateful night, things took a drastic turn for the worse. As many witnesses have recounted, the building seemed to come to life. One man was found with a stake of wood stabbed through his heart. The police found two more dead bodies in the basement.

Down through history, there have been several others affected by this home. In fact, the home was such a hot topic in the 1920’s that Thomas Edison was trying to create a machine to communicate with the spirits that lived there. Witnesses reported demonic possession, violent entities, and being tortured within a few minutes walking through the door. The home was destroyed in an explosion from a local gas company on November 15, 1927. However, the new building that sits in this location, Carnegie Science Center, is said to still experience residual energy from the land.

Pure evil lived in that home. Was Lydia being possessed by a supernatural force the night she killed her husband and mistress, or was the land already haunted by the events that happened before the home was built? One thing is for sure, in the world we live in, there is real evil, when these doors are unlocked, nightmares can become a reality.

congelier horror - America's Most Haunted Places - Congelier House: The House the Devil Built

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