Eternal Darkness Cover s - Tom Deady Surrounds Us with Eternal Darkness

Tom Deady Surrounds Us with Eternal Darkness

Heading our way in just a few more days is Eternal Darkness by Tom Deady; and if you’re a fan of old-school, character-driven horror, this book is for you! Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release:
Tom Deady, acclaimed author of Haven, is releasing another horror book, Eternal Darkness, available for pre-order now on Amazon Kindle. Bloodshot Books is releasing it on January 23, 2017. For fans of old-school horror and character-driven stories with people you can identify with, this is sure to be a hit. It promises a deeper look at the secrets people hide from one another and the malice right next door.

Something is killing the people of Bristol, Massachusetts. Do you dare to find out what? The only thing you know for sure is… something’s not right.

“First and foremost, that’s what Tom Deady is about as an author: story. And those are my favorite kinds of writers,” says Richard Chizmar, owner of Cemetery Dance and author of A Long December, who also wrote the book’s introduction. “Tom understands this traditional school of writing very well, and if his first two novels are any indication of his focus and growth as an author, all of us readers are in for many more treats in the future. Tom Deady is a true storyteller, and I can offer no higher words of praise,” says Chizmar.

“Tom Deady writes the type of novels that made me a fan of the genre decades ago – big, hefty books about regular folks fighting monsters against incredible odds,” says Pete Kahle, owner and founder of Bloodshot Books. “I’m ecstatic that we are able to debut Bloodshot Books’ line of original novels with Eternal Darkness. We need more authors like Tom,” says Kahle.

Ben Harris and his best friends, Richie and Jack, knew the stories about Old Man Brewster, what happened to his wife… and the flies. They had no idea why anybody would want to live there, but then they met Greg Lupescu, the new kid who moved in. He looked strange, his father was never around, and he had this creepy butler named Karl. Soon, however, he became their close friend.

First, a young boy goes missing. Soon after, the boy’s abusive deadbeat father is slaughtered. And his grieving mother burns to death in an unnatural fire… People are dying all over Bristol, Massachusetts, and the boys are beginning to realize that it all started when the Lupescus moved to town.

Ben and his little sister, Eve, can sense that a dark storm looms on the horizon threatening to engulf Bristol, and at its center stands his new friend. Can they all help Greg resist the sinister forces against him, or in the end will he choose to succumb and embrace an Eternal Darkness?

Eternal Darkness Cover - Tom Deady Surrounds Us with Eternal Darkness