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What are ghosts?  I mean, we can entertain arguments that there are no such things as ghosts, then we can get serious and get to the real question: people clearly experience something, so what is it?  You can say they aren’t spirits of the dead, that’s rational.  You can say they aren’t beings from beyond our reality.  But people throughout history in every culture on earth have seen, heard, felt…experienced something, over and over, since we were still banging rocks together trying to get fire started.

One of the more modern and scientific theories behind the phenomena we lump together and call “ghosts” is that what we experience isn’t from beyond the grave, but rather from a dimension next door to ours.  The infinite universe theory is extremely popular these days, and is even the foundation of many popular forms of entertainment, from Rick & Morty to the comic book universes of the big two publishers.  Scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson speak of the “cosmic view” that is basically a new religion, seeing our lives in the perspective of an endless cosmos that is likely one of an infinite number of universes.

This leads us into some evidence provided by reader Arturo Portillo, a filmmaker and paranormal researcher.  He was part of a team investigating a location in the historic part of Las Cruces, New Mexico.  The restaurant, The Double Eagle, was empty at the time.  I’ll let Arturo take it from there:

We began to set up at 11pm when the restaurant closed. Throughout our set up and investigation, what sounded like voices were coming through, and not just on the recorders; we actually heard it with our own ears. We looked around the kitchen area, because it seemed like it was coming from there. There is a point in our investigation where we went to get some burgers and closed up the restaurant. It was during this time that we captured the EVP in it’s cleanest form without us interfering with it.

We used a Rode shotgun mic attached to a Zoom H1 Recorder. What happened was that a strange tone came on, then followed a garbled sound that lasted for over a minute. This was the sound that we were hearing throughout our investigation. I had to use Pro Tools to amplify and remove the noise so that we can fully hear the voice, clarity and cleaned.

The EVP we captured were two men arguing with each other. We even got their names. These voice would come through every 15 or 20 minutes throughout our investigation and each one, the men were arguing, but saying something different. There is a point in the EVP where we are asking questions because we heard voices, then the EVP men begin shooshing each other and saying that they hear something. I think we broke the plane or some dimension. I wouldn’t say we captured a ghost but really, we captured another dimension.

Here’s the video that Arturo provided with captions suggesting what he hears in the dialogue.

As you can see, it doesn’t really sound like anything you’d relate to the spirits of the dead. It sounds like an argument between two guys.  Considering there was absolutely nobody anywhere near the building at the time of the recording, we can rule out picking up an actual argument outside or next door.

Stephen King introduced the concept of “thinnies” to describe places where different universes/timelines got close to ours and could allow sounds or even matter to pass between them.  That’s based on quite a lot of lore from various cultures in history, it’s not a concept he created for the sake of his fiction.  He also uses the multiverse theory as the foundation of most of his fiction, at least all of it relating to the Dark Tower and Midworld.

Can we pick up events happening in dimensions near ours, but separate? Is this a recording of two men on the other side of whatever matter makes up the universe, in another timeline/dimension, having a drunken argument in another version of this restaurant?  Could it be a recording from another time, with the voices coming from our past rather than another dimension entirely?

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