Photographs Taken of Possible Mothman in The Gasp Menagerie

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The Mothman is my favorite cryptid.  After a lifetime of studying cryptozoology, the mythology and lore surrounding Mothman just captures me like no other.  Sasquatch is fascinating, Nessie was an obsession for years, but Mothman… an omen of death?  The bridge collapse?  Indrid Cold???  AH!  So much awesome.

It’s been awhile, but we now have some photos of what some believe to be the Mothman, near his most infamous home of Point Pleasant, WV.  The best and clearest one can be found below:

gasp mothman1 - Photographs Taken of Possible Mothman in The Gasp Menagerie

The Mothman?

These photos were posted online by a man in the area who seems to be trying to avoid publicity.  They show a winged creature of some sort that appears to have legs trailing behind it as it moves between two trees.

There are birds native to North America that trail feathers similar to this, and it’s also possible this is an owl with prey (a large frog/toad or even a snake that it’s gripping in the middle), but without further detail, it’s hard to say.

Is this the legendary Mothman, returned to his home near Point Pleasant?  Will there be a disaster, as Mothman is said to portend?  Is this just an interesting shot of local wildlife that appears to be something more than it is?

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