Halloween Treat: Watch Shant Hamassian’s Night of the Slasher


With over 160 festival selections and 40 award wins, Night of the Slasher is one of those rare short films that has generated an amazing amount of buzz. Now it has been released as Vimeo’s first horror “Staff Pick Premiere,” and it’s also Oscar qualified!

Night of the Slasher (review) is a “shot-in-one-take” film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge. It is a proof-of-concept for a full-length feature. Hamassian’s goal is to rethink slasher films from lowbrow art to a high-profile cinematic piece.

As a special Halloween treat, you can now watch it in its entirety right here!

“Night of the Slasher transcends genres, from horror to slasher to teen drama. The timing is perfect for the project now as more and more doors have opened for my work and these types of bold stories. We’re presently in discussions with serious industry players in regards to the feature becoming a reality,” explains Hamassian.

Included in the film is the original 80s style rock song “Dying For Love,” written by Jeff Phillips and Matt Cheadle and performed by Grayce, which will be available soon on nightoftheslasher.com.

Starring Lily Berlina (the Slasher girl), Scott Javore (the Bait), and Adam Lesar (the Killer), Night of the Slasher is written and directed by Shant Hamassian and produced by Adam Lesar, Eve Constance, and Hamassian. Cinematography is by Eli Tahan, visual effects are by Alessandro Schiassi and Michaelangelo Frisoni, and the music is by Simon Michel.

To find out more about the film, visit nightoftheslasher.com. You can also follow the daily updates on social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/NightOfTheSlasher
Twitter: twitter.com/TonightIsKiller
Hashtag: #NightOfTheSlasher

night of the slasher - Halloween Treat: Watch Shant Hamassian's Night of the Slasher



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