Night of the Slasher (Short)

nightoftheslashers 300x204 - Night of the Slasher (Short)

nightoftheslasher 202x300 - Night of the Slasher (Short)Starring Lily Berlina, Scott Javore, Adam Lesar

Directed by Shant Hamassian

In Scream we learned about the essential rules one must abide by in order to survive a horror movie… but what if you were orchestrating one right from your living room?

In Night of the Slasher, a short film from Shant Hamassian, we see the effects of a horror movie checklist followed to a “T” by a bodacious blonde bombshell (Berlina) who has apparently already suffered her own horrific episode at the hands of a masked lunatic. Not too long into a blind date do we find our buxom belle checking off her list of horror movie “to-dos” when she’s visited by an angry Spock with a very large knife (no, I’m not kidding).

What happens next really needs to be seen by all lovers of the “girl alone” setup in fright flicks and is surprisingly both funny and suspenseful in one small package.

Hamassian surely must have watched his share of hack-n-slash films over his days on this planet because he knows how to infuse a little gore, a little sexuality, and some pure goofiness into his product, and while some instances are purely inexplicable – hey, this is a horror film, correct? – if you get the chance to spend a night with this slasher when it comes your way, I can surely recommend it to lovers of the sub-genre.  Just be sure you’re making a list and checking it twice!

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User Rating 3.17 (12 votes)
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