More Killer Klowns From Outer Space Sequel Talk


I feel as if we’ve been talking about a sequel to Killer Klowns From Outer Space since before the dawn of time. Well, at least since 1988 when the Chiodo brothers brought us the original film. Apparently director Stephen Chiodo feels the same way.

There’s nothing coming out that you could guarantee,” Chiodo tells The Odd Podcast regarding the years of sequel talk. “Look, Hollywood is a very fickle industry. We’ve been working on a sequel since the day after we made [Killer Klowns from Outer Space]. I mean we have tons of ideas on different directions we can take it. There’s been a lot of legal issues, a lot of financial difficulties. We’ve had deals people presented us with that we weren’t really interested in. There is something that’s going to happen. We are currently working on something. But it doesn’t mean that it’s coming out next week.

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The Chiodos want more than just a sequel though… they have a story to tell.

We want to take some of the characters we had in the original film and do a new film that has new characters having their little adventures with Klowns, but also revisit some of the people we’ve seen in the past. Instead of a theatrical release, we’re thinking of going to television. We’ve got this great idea. Sort of like a trilogy in four parts, with the original film being the first, and then we have an idea for a trilogy that would just be a long-ranging series that follows new characters as they battle Klowns, but then we also see Mike Tobacco pop up. And then we see Debbie Stone. And then we see Dave the cop. We’ve got it all written out. It’s a fantastic concept.

Stay tuned, kids. One day…

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