Ultimate Freddy Krueger Mask

See The ULTIMATE Freddy Krueger Mask!

Man, if you have the cash, you can score yourself one hell of a tick and treat this Halloween season. Halloween Costumes just unveiled their Replica Freddy Kruger Collector’s Mask and it is everything you could have hoped for.

From the Site:
Okay. Are you ready for this? We happen to think that Freddy Krueger is pretty much the best fictional serial killer ever conceived. Really, if you can get past the fact that he’s a nightmare-demon who has a penchant for murdering sleeping teens, he actually seems like a pretty fun guy. Allow us to explain. First of all, he says a lot of really snappy phrases that make us smile, plus he’s great at making a grand entrance. Secondly, he takes on Jason Voorhees like it’s no big deal (and THAT dude is hardcore). And finally, Freddy’s trademark metal-clawed leather glove is basically the coolest movie weapon. Ever.

If you’re modding your head in agreement to everything we’re saying and you too think that Freddy is the best horror villain of all time, then you’re going to love what comes next. This incredible, handmade Freddy collector’s mask. Designed by professional Hollywood makeup artists and crafted from stretched silicon, this fine detailed mask of Freddy’s scorched face has a flexible mesh core that resists tearing while inspiring plenty of screams.

No more loose masks, or hours and hours of meticulous makeup… just slip on this exclusive mask and you’ll instantly feel the power of Freddy’s iconic visage. If people run from you, don’t worry… that’s the desired effect! It’s an impressive mask made of movie magic and classic craftsmanship. Don’t miss out on your chance to truly become Wes Craven’s horror masterpiece icon with this replica Freddy Krueger mask.


  • Hand made in the USA by professional make-up effects artists
  • Made of silicone material that can stretch multiple times in size
  • Individually painted with fine-detail airbrushing
  • Flexible mesh core that increases mask’s durability and resists tearing
  • Comes with certificate of authenticity and nameplate for display box
  • Officially licensed


  • Mask
  • Display Bust
  • Display Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity

freddy krueger collectors mask - See The ULTIMATE Freddy Krueger Mask!

freddy krueger collectors mask box - See The ULTIMATE Freddy Krueger Mask!