#NYCC16: Sideshow Announces Video Game Set in Court of the Dead Universe

Underworld Rising logo 750x422 - #NYCC16: Sideshow Announces Video Game Set in Court of the Dead Universe

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you should be well aware of Sideshow’s awesome Court of the Dead line; and now, with New York Comic Con kicking off today, they’ve announced a video game set in that universe. Read on for the details, including how you can unlock some rare DLC.

From the Press Release:
Sideshow, known the world over for museum-quality collectibles, has announced the launch of its first ever video game, Underworld Rising, set within the original property Court of the Dead. Recently Court of the Dead has seen tremendous success with collectors all over the world as statues, comics, and books. Now this dark fantasy world will continue to expand its story with a 2D RPG that immerses the player in a rich and diverse world that Sideshow has crafted.

For those new to the Court of the Dead, it explores the nature of good and evil and what it means to be stuck in between. Death, who is seen as more of a shepherd than monster, has created his Court to help protect humanity’s souls from an ongoing war between Heaven and Hell. Players of the game will have the opportunity to fight for their afterlife and contribute to Death’s goals as they complete quests, discover rare artifacts, defeat enemies, and forge their own path and legend.


Styled as a 2D side-scrolling RPG, Underworld Rising allows players to craft their avatar based on their faction of choice (Bone, Spirit, and Flesh) and their gender (Male, Female, and Gender-Neutral). From that point, players can accessorize with collectible armor, weapons, and other wearables that they earn by exploring the Underworld. Players also have the opportunity to interact with NPCs in a way not often seen in 2D side-scrollers. Relationships can be forged and your every action has consequences. Steal from a shop keeper? Watch out for a bounty on your head. Want to take an NPC out on a date, but they’re already headless? Skip going for tea.

In order to bring this game to life, Sideshow and the game developers, Arcade Distillery, have launched a Kickstarter campaign. While the campaign itself is filled with rare DLC that veteran gamers will find alluring, many of the backer reward tiers speak to what Sideshow is best known for. Within the upper tiers, backers and Sideshow collectors are able to be the first to claim an exclusive Premium Format Figure and unique Court of the Dead character bust. Sideshow is also offering a once-in-a-lifetime peek behind the scenes of their Southern California-based studio. This premier backer tier will see you escorted through the fantastical workshop by Chief Creative Officer and Creator of Court of the Dead, Tom Gilliland.

Other items that can be earned by supporting Underworld Rising include:

  • Court of the Dead themed PS4 skin
  • Gaming mat by Ultimate Guard
  • Jewelry by Han Cholo
  • Collectible enabled Court of the Dead Campaign pins
  • Exclusive DLC
  • And much more

The expansion of the Court of the Dead into the realm of video games is a natural fit, as far as Gilliland is concerned.

“When I first began crafting the Court of the Dead, I was pulling from my deep fantasy and D&D roots. I wanted to explore a world where heroes weren’t wearing capes or who you expected them to be. The natural progression into using a video game to continue telling the story has been something I’ve been excited about for some time now,” states Gilliland. “That we have the opportunity to share its growth with our fans is something I’m extremely proud of.”

Underworld Rising itself will serve as one of the many vessels that Sideshow and Gilliland uses as a way of continuing the expanding and evolving universe that is the Court of the Dead.


Underworld Rising logo - #NYCC16: Sideshow Announces Video Game Set in Court of the Dead Universe