New Trailer, Poster, and Theatrical/Film Fest Plans Unveiled for The Chair


It’s been a long road, but The Chair is heading to theaters next month with its debut taking place in Burbank, California, on October 18th. We have additional details on that along with a look at the film’s new trailer, poster, and more!

Peter Simeti, publisher of Alterna Comics, where The Chair originated, tells us, “We’ve partnered with Tugg to provide this ‘on demand’ theatrical release with almost 30 cities showing one-night special screenings in the month of October and into the rest of 2016 and 2017. This will be the first Alterna film in theaters and is an important landmark for creator-owned comics at this level.”

For tickets and more info, visit  Cities currently in the mix to host a screening include Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Diego, Charlotte, and more. In addition, people can request showings and receive 5% of the ticket sales as a referral fee.

The film will also be playing at the Northeast Wisconsin Horrorfest on October 8th and at Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts, on October 15th with more on the way.

thechair tugg - New Trailer, Poster, and Theatrical/Film Fest Plans Unveiled for The Chair

Directed by Chad Ferrin, The Chair stars Bill Oberst, Jr., Roddy Piper, Naomi Grossman, Zach Galligan, Noah Hathaway, Timothy Muskatell, and Ezra Buzzington alongside an electrifying ensemble cast.

Richard Sullivan (Muskatell) is an innocent man struggling to escape his fate on Death Row. Witnessing the murders of his fellow inmates at the hands of the prison’s sadistic and psychotic Warden (Oberst) and his crew of guards, Sullivan decides that the only way to survive is to fight back. With the body count rising, the Warden and his guards close in on Sullivan. As he matches the brutality occurring in the prison, Sullivan starts to lose his grip on reality. Memories of the childhood abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother combine with vivid hallucinations which push him to the very edge, forcing him to question his sanity at every turn.

For more information and updates, visit the official The Chair website and follow the film on Twitter @theCHAIRhorror or on Facebook.

thechair poster - New Trailer, Poster, and Theatrical/Film Fest Plans Unveiled for The Chair



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